4 Benefits of Instagram for Marketing Your Business

4 Benefits of Instagram for Marketing Your Business

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Lets get straight into it. 4 reasons Instagram is so beneficial for marketing your business.


1. You’re Already There

One of the great benefits of Instagram is that even if you don’t have a profile, you are probably already there. Customers or clients are likely to have already checked into your location, posted about you or hash tagged your businesses before you even arrive on the platform. Take full advantage of this activity by creating a profile and having possible new leads pushed towards your page from all of these interactions that took place before you even arrived.




It’s visual! How exciting! What we mean by this is, search something on Google… it’s boring right? Just lots of words on the page, without more than a couple of lines of explanation. Now search it on Instagram. Your screen should be filled with colourful images and videos, each with more descriptions, bringing a brand to life! Having more than just plain text gives you an incredible opportunity to really showcase your brand and explain in a more visual way, what it is you’re all about. A lot more interesting!


3.Advertising Targeting Options

Instagram runs paid advertising campaigns on its platform and as it is beautifully intertwined with Facebook these days, the power of the Facebook advertising platform is fully functioning on Instagram. This allows you to target your adverts very specifically to ensure your ads are being seen by the right clientele and ensures you receive the most bang for your buck as they say, when it comes to paid advertising.



4. Engagement Rates

Instagram is up there with the highest engagement rates of all social media platforms. In fact, in the most recent research it was second only to Facebook in the rankings for highest engagement and most popular social network across the whole world. As we previously mentioned, that link with Facebook means you get the majority of the same benefits meaning the alliance between the two easily makes Instagram an extremely useful tool for allowing your clients to engage with your business.








So, there you have it, 4 great reasons Instagram is beneficial for marketing your business.

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