Why Do You Need A Website?

Why Do You Need A Website?

Someone asked us the other day, “be completely honest, now that we have social media, do we need a website?”

It’s a fair question but one that has a very straight answer. A resounding ‘YES’. We listed the main reasons a business needs a website and thought maybe they would be interesting to others, so here they are.

1. Your Customers Expect To Find It

Perhaps the most important reason of all, customers expect to see a website. 50 Years into the digital age, if you cannot be found online it creates negative questions: –

– Is this a real company?

– Can they be trusted?

– Why can’t I find the information I need online?

 You want positive questions, not negative ones!

2. Creates Legitimacy

Having a website creates credibility and realness. Customers can find genuine locations, contact details, products and more installing a sense of trust and legitimacy in your business. A secure website, full of information gives a customer the knowledge that you care about their journey as you’ve taken the time or spent the money to create a high-performance, top-spec website.

3. Offers Answers To Questions

Create a website that answers your customers questions. People search for your business online to find directions to your premises, prices of your products, information about what you offer and lots more. Your website allows you to answer all of these questions without the need or aggravation of having to make a phone call or visit in person.

4. Extends Your Working Hours

You and your staff work from 9am-5pm, 8am-6pm or at a push 7am-10pm, your website allows you to be open 24/7. Potential customers can find the information they need about your company whenever they need to removing traditional opening hours from the picture completely.

5. Showcases Your Special Offers

Use your website as an area to elaborate and provide terms and conditions on your special offers. There is only so much information you can put on an advert so your website is a great (and cost effective) area to explain more about your special offers. Use your website as a tool to advertise specific products and their prices and give more details about great deals or opportunities.

So these five reasons were just part of our answer to the question we were asked by a customer. We hope you find this useful if it is a question you are currently trying to answer.

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