£0 Building Fees for Sports, Leisure, Health
and Wellness Professionals 

SMC Creations have removed all website building fees for a number of professionals in the Sports, Leisure, Health and Wellness Industry, offering a unique opportunity to have a website built without any upfront costs. 

On this page you can find more information about how the offer works, what’s included, examples of what your website could look like and information on how to move forward with a brand new website. 

Websites From SMC Creations


Your site will be fully functional and completely personalised to your own specifications. Inlcude your own logo’s, pictures, blogs, contact forms, colour schemes and lots more customisation options.


Fully hosted website with personalised email address, contact form, photo gallery and much more to bring your new website to life. You can also add whole range of extras  to your website hosting package at anytime, including social media management, PARQ forms, payment gateways and more.

What’s Included

What do you get for your money?

Fully Built Website

Your website will be fully built by one of our expert designers, using the details you provide us. Within 7 days of recieving your website customising form you will have a fully functional website.

Customising Options

Your custom built website will have up to 15 personalisation options including Colour Schemes, Testimonials, Images and more.

Personal Email Address

An e-mail address of your choice will be attached to your website and hosted on our servers. You can choose whatever you want ie. yourname@yoursite.com.

Website Hosting

Your website will be fully hosted on our secure servers with regular updates for security and functionability.

Website Costs Guide

We are firm believers in not hiding any costs so here is a breakdown of what you will need to pay. There is no long term contract and you are welcome to end your arrangement with us at any time.

Buying Your Domain

You will need to buy your own domain. This can cost as little as 99p depending on which web address you select. We can talk you through this process.

Up Front Building

We usually charge an up front fee to create your fully customised website but this building fee has been completely removed. 

Monthly Hosting

Once the site and email address is created, we will host it on our server and keep it fully functioning on a month to month basis. This costs £9.99 a month and is paid by direct debit. This covers all security updates and ensures your website and email account stays fully functional.

Total Costs

£0 up front
followed by
£9.99 a month.

What Could My Website Look Like

The websites below are example websites to show you how your website could look. Feel free to visit these and if you have any questions about any of the example sites, get in contact.

Emily PT
OX Fitness
DJ Personal Training
Build My Website

Lets Get Started…

There are only two steps involved in the process of building your website. Once we are notified that both steps have been completed, you will receive an email to let you know that your order has been received. You will then be sent further e-mails to keep you aprised of your sites progress. Finally we send you details of how to access your e-mails and how to connect them to your devices, with a notifiction that your site is complete.

Step 1: Website Customising Form

The first step is to click the button below titled ‘Website Customising Form’.
Here you will find a Google Form, which can be completed to let us know exactly what you want on your webiste. You will be able to add logo’s, text based information, images, colour scheme and lots more.

Step 2: Hosting Payment Form

The second step is to click the button below titled ‘Payment Form’. This will take you to our secure area on the GoCardless website. You will be able to set up your monthly hosting payment in this step.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at SMC Creations.

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